Portable cabins

Sometimes small is good, especially when it comes to quality control. It is not about how fast the cabin is8 wide loft built, but rather that it is assembled with the care and thoughtfulness that only a seasoned crew can provide. Veteran craftsmen piece together the cabin- from building the steel frame to building the cabinets- everything is built in-house. Our experienced crew is eager to build your dream cabin, and have it delivered to you in a timely manner. However,don't think that we can't handle the occasional multi-cabin order, based on our small crew size. We know how to produce, and always up for a challenge       

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About Us

Buildco Portable Buildings believes in building a quality building. 

We have been in business in Oklahoma for 20 years and We want to live up to our name.  We invite you to inspect anyBuildco Portable Buildings.  Compare its appearance, its construction, its workmanship, and its cost with any other portable building.  When you purchase a Buildco Portable Building you can rest assured that you made a sound investment.

Buildco Portable Buildings are Versatile, Economical, and Durable.   Take a look at the many features, which make these buildings such an outstanding buy.